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Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning
Wealth Advice and Management, LLC  Services
Investment Management
Tax Planning and Preparation
The key to achieving your financial objectives is through the development, implementation, and diligent monitoring of your own personal financial plan. Barry recognizes that all clients' financial situations and aspirations are unique.  As such the financial planning process begins with a rich discussion to define and clarify your specific financial goals and concerns. 

Next, financial data describing your current financial situation is gathered and thoroughly analyzed.  This is done through a holistic approach by reviewing all aspects of your financial situation, e.g., cash flow, debt, insurance, investments, retirement plans, tax obligations, and estate planning documentation, etc.  The result of this review is a "Gap Analysis"  indicating where you stand in relation to your financial goals.  Barry will then formulate recommendations and an action plan providing you a road-map to achieve your financial objectives. 

Barry can assist you in the implementation of your financial plan by utilizing his investment management and tax preparation services described below.

Finally, Barry will monitor and periodically update your plan as necessary to ensure it remains relevant and effective in light of changes in the economy, tax laws, and your own personal circumstances.

Financial consultations are billed at $250 per hour.  

Fees for an initial comprehensive financial plan range from $1500 to $5000 and are based on the complexity of your situation.  

Barry Cohen, CPA, CFP®, CIMA® offers the following services to help clients achieve their financial goals and attain financial security:
Taxes can seriously impede your ability to reach your financial goals. Barry will help you minimize your taxes  by ensuring  you are taking advantage of all the tax deductions and credits you are entitled to, and in utilizing tax advantaged investments and retirement plans where appropriate.

The fees for preparing your Federal and State income tax returns begin at $250 and are based on the complexity of your tax situation.
A well-diversified, cost-effective, and tax-efficient investment portfolio is an essential tool to fund your financial goals. Barry will develop an investment portfolio for you with these characteristics in mind that is tailored to your unique financial situation and investment objectives.

WAM’s investment management services include:

- Preparation of a financial assessment and Investment Profile that reflects your current financial situation, as well as your investment goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, and liquidity requirements.
- An asset allocation based on the above information, comprised of different asset classes, e.g., equities, fixed income, real estate, commodities, cash, etc., combined in a manner that maximizes your expected return at your desired level of risk.
- Selection of low-cost and tax-efficient investment vehicles to fill-out your asset allocation such as exchange-traded funds that also provide a high degree of diversification.
-  Monitoring, and re-balancing of your portfolio as necessary, to ensure it remains true to your investment objectives.
- Quarterly portfolio performance reporting.
- Annual financial review
- Year-round access to Barry’s financial advice.

The fee for investment management services is 1% of assets under management, subject to a negotiated minimum fee per quarter.