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Wealth Advice and Management, LLC
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Why "WAM" ?
If you are like most people you have aspirations and life goals for yourself and your family. These might include:

Attaining a comfortable retirement
Funding your children’s college education
Purchasing a new, or second home
Starting a new business
Protecting yourself and your family from financial risks

Whatever your goals the ability to achieve them depends on how effective you are in accumulating, protecting, and distributing your financial resources, i.e., how well you manage your wealth.

This is no easy task: tax laws are in constant flux, the financial markets are highly volatile, inflation remains a threat, and complex financial products continue to proliferate the marketplace.

Negotiating these challenges and making the right financial decisions can be extremely difficult especially for those who neither have the time, expertise, or the inclination to do so.

A trusted financial advisor can help you achieve your financial goals and attain financial security.

My name is Barry Cohen. I am an independent financial advisor committed to putting my clients’ interests first. I established Wealth Advice and Management, LLC (“WAM”) to provide my clients expert, personalized, and objective financial advice.

For over 25 years I have advised individuals, professionals, and small business owners on how to grow, manage, and protect their financial resources to achieve their own vision of wealth and financial well-being.

As your personal financial advisor I will:

Develop a financial plan providing you a road map to achieve your financial goals and address any financial concerns that you may have;
Assist in implementing your financial plan’s recommendations utilizing WAM’s own investment advisory, tax, and insurance services; and,
Monitor, and periodically update your financial plan as necessary to ensure it remains relevant and effective in light of changes in the economy, tax laws, and your own personal circumstances.

As a dedicated financial advisor I am committed to establishing long-term, trust-based relationships with my clients to ensure they remain on track towards achieving their financial goals and aspirations.